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Context Framing forms the first phase of any Futures project. We thoroughly investigate the world in which your business operates and identify all the forces, internally and externally, that could potentially impact its success.

The basic premise is that everything in the world is interconnected and different combinations of forces can have exponentially greater impact. Instead of reacting to each force on its own, its critical to understand how they influence each other so that you can develop joined-up and holistic future strategies. This allows you to lead from the front, rather than constant knee-jerk reactions to what's happening in the world around you.

Context Framing forms the foundational underpin for strategy development.

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Trends keep you relevant. They reflect societal and cultural themes that are inherent in the world around us. They can't be ignored - because ignorance may render you irrelevant - but most trends won't fundamentally change the strategic direction of your business.

Trends could be factors such as societal shift towards healthier living, caring for the environment, or  simply seasonal fashions and colours.

Trends should never  be ignored - but not all trends are created equal - and its important to understand which ones should be tactically embraced and which have the potential to disrupt your business.


Planning for uncertainties

Our world is changing fast and we can never predict what the future may hold. We can however identify all the factors that could disrupt your business and we can envisage different futures that may result as a consequence of different iterations of these critical factors. This is called scenario planning which helps you identify a desirable future for your organization. Once a future has been identified, you can plan your resources and activities accordingly to enable the realization of this future.

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Engineering Plans


Developing strategies to enable the realization of your desired future

Once we have identified a desirable future for your organisation, we work with you and develop company-wide strategies to make your vision a reality. This includes an overarching vision for you to mobilize resources behind as well as tactical strategies to capitalize on societal and cultural trends that you should embrace to keep yourself relevant.



Building your future


Turning strategy into action

Change is not easy. Even when change is necessary for survival, it is difficult mobilizing people to make change happen. 

Mobilizing people into action requires painting a vision of a future that is highly desirable and providing clear direction on how to get there.

We help you turn your better-future vision into a  "mobilizing change idea" which is a simple of expression of your vision that provides the North Star for every decision and action taken in you organisation. 

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Transformational Leadership

Transformational change requires transformational leadership. Transformational leadership needs to connect with people at a deeply emotive level to mobilize them into action.

Leadership is not possible without follower-ship and follower-ship needs a shared identity to gain mass appeal. Mass buy-in to a brighter future is what will ultimately ensure that future is realized.