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we create our own future

It’s hard to avoid incessant articles and commentary on the “future of the world” post covid-19. It’s as if the world as we knew it will no longer exist. There will supposedly be a new order, a new way of existing, and everything as we knew it will be no longer.

I hope this is a reset for humanity. A chance to take a moment and breathe, reflecting on where we are going, and whether we want to go there. Our world had become consumed with having more, being more, showing more – but I don’t think many of us really know why we need to be more than we are. Or why we need to be better than the person next door. Or better than someone from the opposite sex, or race or religion. It doesn’t really make us any happier. In fact, if anything, it makes us unhappier because we are never satisfied with what we have, and as we gather more, we want more. And as we prove that we are “better” than our initial reference, we change our ambition and attempt to prove that we are better than a perceived better reference. And so the cycle goes on, constantly changing the goal posts, never feeling quite adequate, always in a steady state of discontent.

None of this will fundamentally change coming out of lockdown. We will most likely be forced into finding different ways of achieving the same thing – working from home, shopping on-line, socializing in chat rooms – but will our inherent values change? Will we see that an economic model that focuses on unbridled consumerism to drive untamed growth, is perhaps not the optimal solution for our planet and its people? Will we see that equality and opportunity for all will in fact benefit everyone? Will we acknowledge that our greed has led to destruction of our planet, rampant racism, abuse of power, fear and oppression?

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Our very first mistake was to wonder what the “new” world will look like post lockdown. Inherent in this thought is the premise that we can’t AFFECT the future. That it is thrust on us and we merely react to it.

We can be the architects of our own future!

It just means we need to stop thinking about ourselves and think about the collective. And to know that the power of the collective comes through the power of one. Little acts of goodness do go a long way, and many people performing the same little acts of goodness creates a movement, and mass movement creates transformational change. Let’s not avoid issues because we think we’re too small to affect their outcome.

The “future of the world” post covid-19? Let that be up to us decide.

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