Image by Drew Beamer


The world is changing fast and every brand, category and company is constantly facing forces that can fundamentally affect its future, for good and bad. Sometimes we are aware of these forces -  and realize early that we need to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant - and sometimes we are completely oblivious to them and they side swipe us when we aren't looking.

We believe that everything in the world is inter-connected and that companies and brands need to develop a birds-eye view of what is happening in the world around them so that they can develop holistic strategies to ensure their long term survival. 

Business is a long term game and there will be many players that come and go. Those that keep their eye on the future, that know what they stand for and how they benefit the world, are the ones that will succeed. Those that react to the world around them, that never quite know what their ambition really is, are the ones that fall by the way side.

In the 1950's the average S&P 500 company had a lifespan of about 61 years. Today it is 18 . And it's just getting younger. Succeeding tomorrow means planning today.

Don't wait. Let's get going now.